You delayed the surgery for no good reason. You failed. Self-important neophyte. You don't even know how much you don't know. I'm going to remove the pressure from her brain and hope it's not too late. So congratulations, your narcissism almost killed your patient.


Bell: You have no background in healthcare.
Logan: I got a background. In profits.

Nic: I know you were scared that it was me when you heard about the accident this morning. I brushed you off. I'm sorry I did that.
Kyle: You're all I got, kid.
Nic: We're Team Nevin now.

Cain: I just wanna say I appreciate what we did, and I regret that we had words.
Conrad: This is an emotional day for all of us.
Cain: No doubt, no doubt. But don't ever question my decision again.
Conrad: Whoa. When I'm wrong I learn to listen to my colleagues.
Cain: You're not a colleague. You're a subordinate, and I don't give a damn what your process is. You're not invincible you know.
Conrad: No one is.
Cain: You sure about that?

Cain: We on the same page?
Logan: You tell me.
Cain: Hawkins is a whistleblower. My concern is him deciding in his self-righteous way that Red Rock is doing something he doesn't like.
Logan: That's not something I can live with.
Cain: Then that's our answer. He's a threat to the hospital.
Logan: Then I'll handle it.

Big Pharma is ruthless. They'll go after you. They always go after the messenger.