Bell: Dr. Pravesh, they've decided to depose you now.
Devon: She's my patient. I'm not going anywhere.

Step aside two Chastain OGs to the rescue.


Mina: She and I are practically sisters, yet I have never understood her faith.
AJ: Have you tried?

Surgeons or God, everyone needs something to believe in.


Devon has to do what he feels is right no matter the consequences. That's what I tried to teach him. Now, we respect his choice.


Mr. Spiro was in respiratory distress. Pain medication needed to be withheld; this man is alive today because of Dr. Hawkins. 


Conrad: Why did you lie for me?
Devon: I didn't do it for you. These patients need you, and I had to make a decision I could live with.
Conrad: You and I are very different. I respect that. 
Devon: Me too. And I think this hospital needs doctors like both of us.

Kyle: We lost Jessie. I don't think I would've made it through without Nic. She's the best thing about Chastain.
Lynette: You sound so proud of her.
Kyle: Yeah, well , she's the best thing about me too.

Adaku: I'm scared.
Mina: Me too.

My surgical contract is bulletproof. You just try and get rid of me.


Bell: Today Red Rock asked me to turn against one of my own doctors, and tomorrow they'll just ask me to do something worse. There's a bloodbath coming. I don't even want to be up there when that happens. But down here, I can survive.
Kit: What's going to happen to Conrad?
Bell: Red Rock has eyes and ears everywhere. Conrad still has a target on his back. As do we all.