Coroner: Did you want me to write defective valve or operator error on the death certificate?
Bell: Neither. Patient died of heart failure due to underlying disease.

I didn't know Henry had a check-up today. He looks good. So does Zoe.


No one can protect the Raptor from the Raptor. He's benched himself. He will not operate.


Alec: Looks like your son is the star baseball player.
Zoe: Oh no, we're not. Conrad is, was our doctor and now we're ...
Conrad: We're friends.
Zoe: And those two are together.

We had a scared, shy teenager and I thought drug addiction. Got that wrong.


They left a sponge in me? How could this happen?


I'm benching myself from surgery until further notice.


Abe: I don't know what to say Austin. This was bound to happen sooner or later. You are great, but you are not invincible. No one is. Your God complex has always been your Achilles heel. You want my advice?
AJ: Always.
Abe: Learn humility. You make a mistake, own it. It'll make you a better doctor.

AJ Austin is practically a magician in the OR. If I needed surgery, he's the man I ask for.


Dr. Bell, just the man I wanted to see. I hear you're looking for a scapegoat.


You're telling me Dr. Bell thinks these hands killed him? Want to know what I think?


Devon: I mean, is it possible that the Raptor--
Mina and Conrad: No!!