Conrad: Time of death, 21:58.

Nic: Hey Conrad?
Conrad: Yeah.
Nic: When did your mom give you this ring?
Conrad: When I left for Afghanistan.
Nic: Why didn't you tell me it belonged to her?
Conrad: I wanted you to feel like it was your own. She told me to give it to the love of my life.
Nic: You want it back?
Conrad: No, you earned it.

Wait, about Nic, two women left me for the same reason. You deserve Nic. You can give her what I can't.

Conrad [to Jude]

Lily: It's too much. I don't want any more chemo.
Lane: It's OK. Every one of my patients has said that before.

Catherine: How long have you been in love with him?
Nic: What makes you say that?
Catherine: You're wearing the ring he gave you. It belonged to his mother, did you know that?
Nic: No.
Catherine: He loved her very much. You must mean a great deal if he gave it to you.

Conrad is so different nothing like the guy I almost married.


Devon: Mina, have you ever been in love?
Mina: Don't do that. Don't ask stupid questions.

Devon: It's too good to be true. There's something wrong here.
Priya: Then I'll dig deeper.

Conrad: Go on, ask me anything. I know you want to.
Nic: Why didn't you marry her?
Conrad: She left me after I punched my father at the rehearsal dinner.

Conrad: You're pregnant.
Catherine: Are you sure?
Conrad: I'm positive!

No one thinks about the effects on doctors when they have to watch their patients suffer.


I'm not a dog person, or a cat person, or a human person.