It sickens me to say that all I have to do is look at you and know who my father is. A proper DNA will prove it.


Lemar: I can't change what we did and apologizing is not going to make --
AJ: When did you apologize?!!
Lemar: Let me speak! 

Your energy and your tone aside, I admire you Dr. Voss.


Cain: I used to be like you until I realized all plans go out the window when the war begins.
Kit: Sounds like an excuse not to prepare.
Cain: I get my head right with my own pre-opt ritual of which you are currently interrupting. So if you excuse yourself, I'd like to get back to it because Malia, Timmy, Danny Tunday, Katie, Rosa, and Ajan are all counting on me, not God, but me to bring my A-game and save their mother's life.

AJ: I am an overachiever. Gifted with a competitive nature and a need to excel from as young as I can remember. I collected academic awards like other kids collected baseball cards. Spelling bee, debate team, Eagle scout, you name it, I mastered it. I had an addiction -- this deep-rooted need to conquer all. You see there's this tiny voice deep inside of me that cannot be silenced, that always thought maybe, maybe if they knew I was special that maybe mom and dad would come knocking on that front door. Realized what they gave away that I was worth something fighting to get back.
Lamar: You most certainly are.

Mina: So how did it go?
AJ: I'm fine, yo.
Mina: I don't believe you.
AJ: Well, I'm fine enough to do the surgery. But even if I'm wrong, you'll be there and I can always count on you, my partner.

Conrad: Are you sure right now is the right time to make this move?
Nic: I've never been more sure. 

All this corporatized medicine. Profit over patients I guess I look at it as a different kind of battle. One where we need to keep showing up, keep fighting, keep making a difference no matter what the odds are against us. 


Lamar: My mind and mouth move at the same time. I act before I think things through all the way. Characters flaw. I'm working on it. I did what I did, and I want to do better. If you can't forgive, I'll have to live with that. But my wife, your mother, is better than me in every way she never would've messed things up like I did.
AJ:I wouldn't know.
Lamar: My hope is that you'll reach out to her when you're ready. She's truly special. Like you.
AJ: Goodbye, Lamar.