I will end you without hesitation.

Lane [to Conrad]

Claire: His proposal was cost prohibitive.
Lane: So you chose costs over patient safety?

You are a great doctor, and if great doctors don't speak up, nothing changes.


I gave Lily the care I give all my patients because that's what nurses do.


If you don't open your eyes to the truth soon hold on tight because this entire hospital will come crashing down on all of us.

Conrad [to Claire]

Your best nurse is getting screwed over, that's not a risk management decision, that's a witch hunt.


I'm done coloring inside the lines of a system rigged against me.


Devon: Do you really think that they're going to blame Lily's death on you?
Nic: Not without a fight.

Irving: Lesson number two, no matter what other surgery pops up ...
Devon: Don't let you kill a patient.

The bag of potassium that hung for Lily before she died, killed her.


Mina: It was an accident.
Claire: It sounds like you're covering up for him.
Mina: I'm telling you how the fire was started.

Nic: Lily's family is filing a suit.
Conrad: What family? I never saw any of them the entire time she was here.
Nic: Me neither.