I'm always last on the totem pole when it comes to rooms when we go on vacations together. The lack of Ramona's consideration is just mindblowing.


Leah: I'm single and it's great.
Tinsley: You're single! Wait, because the last time we chatted, you had a boyfriend.
Leah: I know, but. We went to France, we had a great vacation, on the light home, I was like 'what's going on with your divorce?'
Tinsley: Oh, he's not divorced?
Leah: He was like 'It's on hold.' And I was like, 'My pussy's on hold, too.'

Sonja: Oh my god.
Luann: It's been hell.
Sonja: Oh, my god, Lu.
Luann: It's finally over.
Sonja: I don't feel great right now. That was scary.
Luann: I feel pretty damn good, I gotta tell you that. I mean, I would kiss the ground, but it's cement.

I feel abandoned all over again, my daughter's just gone off to college, and now I don't have Bethenny. It's a lot.


This might be the best way to have children. Now, I don't have to deal with diapers, I can, you know, be with them a little bit, and send them back. So, that's perfect for me.


Producer: How do you feel about her leaving the show?
Luann: Hmm. It's really hard for me to say that I'll miss her all that much. But as they say on Broadway, the show must go on without you.

Tinsley: She never said anything about not being back.
Ramona: To me that's an F you. I'm sorry, it's an F you.

Carole's a cat lady now.


There's no more "you go low, I go high." I'm not doing that anymore, I'm sorry Michelle Obama, I tried. It doesn't work.


I'll tell you how I'm doing, not well bitch!


I'm like Joe Pesci in the van in Home Alone.


Go get a bag of cucumbers and bananas and continue on, honey.