People may look at me like she's like a heartless, callous bitch. No I'm not.

Teresa Aprea

I've got to blame myself. Who else am I going to blame?

Joe Giudice

They're kind of in their own world right now They're going through hell.

Joe Gorga

My tag line would be, I may be a man but I fight like a girl.


(To Rosie) You're like Switzerland in Jersey.


You act like a lady, he'll treat you like a lady. You act like a barbarian, then you'll be treated like a barbarian. It's simple.


Andy: You talk about how zen and you are and spiritual but I feel like you will cut a bitch.
Dina: Yeah, I won't cut her, I will cut her off.

Andy: You've got to get your pipes cleaned, Dina.
Dina: Maybe I am, just from a plumber that I know.

Teresa, if I said there was a full moon outside you would look at me and say what are you saying about my ass. That's the way it is between you and I.


How do you spell bitch? K.A.T.H.Y.

Teresa Giudice

The twins are starting to grow on me. They are just a big ball of arms, hair, and tits.


Why did Nicole get us a bus like I feel like we're going to a bachelorette party and it's like we're going to suck penis or something.


Real Housewives of NJ Quotes

We need to get you a bling-bling pacifier.


At the last minute I was packing my makeup case and jewelry. You know, last minute things if you're going to go to the hospital.