I'm escaping not only from the room, but from Eileen Davidson.


The more you talk about shit, the worse it gets.


This is a cheeky little gift since we've all seen your pretty little puss now.


Eileen: It's the crotch chronicles.
Dorit: It's the snatch chat.

My manufacturer, who does my line, said to me 'tell Harry, he never has to work again, a day in his life, if he doesn't want to.'


I saw what Mr. Girardi been munching on for the last 20 years.

Lisa Vanderpump

I'm a showgirl, I put on shows.


Hell would freeze over before I will apologize to Eileen Davidson again.

Lisa Vanderpump

I gave them the power to hurt me and I've taken it back.

Lisa Vanderpump

If I could write my own story-arc, I want to do an Erika Jayne story with Ashley Abbott going off across the country and performing at gay clubs.


I think animals are more loyal than people.

Lisa Vanderpump

I went to put her name in my phone and it came out Doritos.

Lisa Rinna