Every year I wonder if this will be the Purge when I finally go numb, and every year there is something keeping me in it. Tonight, I met you.


Heard you're in a bad box with a box of nuns.

The Cowboy

Triage Woman 1: Sexual assaults on Purge alone total in the tens of thousands every year.
Triage Woman 2: And that's just the women who report the crimes.
Triage Woman 3: Imagine how many don't.

With crime being so rare these days, women get a false sense of security and forget how bad things can get.

Triage Woman #2

We walk arm and arm toward peace and love for united we can conquer all.

Blue Bus

So, do you notify HR about my promotion, or is that on me?


How is any of this OK? We just saw a man get shot right in front of us. We just stood there. We did nothing!


Miguel: You guys are here filming the violence. Drive in there!
Brit: That's why God invented zoom lenses.

Me? I help the poor once a year. April 15th. I'm just kidding. I don't pay taxes.


Nick: It really is a beautiful place you have here.
Albert: I'd give it all up for a grandchild.

Talbot sells peace, but she only delivers death.


Alison: It's time to celebrate!
Jane: Just don't go crazy.
Mark: It's Purge night!
Jane: Exactly.

The Purge Quotes

We are the scarred, the beaten, the souls irreparably damaged, and it is that shared pain that allows us to understand each other so deeply. Tonight, that suffering ends, my darlings. I will be your guide into the invisible where there is no pain, only love. The Giving Time is near. Let us ready.

Robed Leader Woman

Mr. Bettencourt: We're making a deal with the devil, babe.
Mrs. Bettencourt: We're taking the devil's money and we're going to do great things with it.