Teleya: Why did you save the children
Mercer: They're kids. With their whole lives ahead of them. They're not my enemies.
Teleya: After what they saw you do today, they will be. They will be.

Sazeron: Perhaps you would like to explain why you are in possession of a Union device.
Malloy: It's a toy.... Yeah, I'm part of this cos-play group and my friends always make me play the human.

You know what would look good on this wall? A black velvet painting of Avis.


Mercer: Remember when we fought the Krill on Epsilon-2? They wore helmets...They were protecting themselves from sunlight.
Malloy: Oh my god. They're space vampires.

Remember the Anhkana. 'Judge not a stranger by his sheath but by his sword.'


We came here to try to find a way to make peace. And now we're talking about killing everybody on board.


In his death, I have found further confirmation of my faith.


Mercer: You're kind of our only friend onboard this ship. We just thought we should get to know you better.
Teleya: A wonderful idea
Malloy: Sorry it smells like here.

I know for me, man, whenever I'm having a bad day, all I got to do is crack that baby open to any page and it's just like a backdrop for the brain


Teleya: ... you were friends [with my brother]?
Malloy: Um, we were, we were. Really tight, me and that guy. Buddies for life. Devon and Arnock. Darnok, they could us.
Taleya: Strange, he never spoke of you. You say you were close.
Malloy: Oh, man, yeah. Yeah, we used to take baths together. Really going to miss him.

Ozawa: You and your helmsman are going to take that shuttle across the border and infiltrate a Krill vessel. You're going to obtain a copy of the Anhkana.
Grayson: There has to be someone with more undercover experience.
Mercer: Oh, thanks.
Grayson: What? You wanna risk death on a Krill ship?
Mercer: No, but you also don't have to make me look bad with company over.

Mercer: What happened to automatic fire suppression?
Kitan: That's the panel that caught fire.

The Orville Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Malloy: Wait. So you can eat anything?
Bortus: I can eat many things.

Isaac: I am fascinated by the interpersonal behavior of biological organisms. I would be happy to attempt sexual relations with you, Lieutenant.
Kitan: I'm actually just sort of working on myself right now. But thanks.