Andy: Where'd you learn to puppet like that?
Erin: I've done it all my life.

Creed: It's Creed. FYI I'm starting my own paper company, looking to poach some chumps. You in?
Pam: Yes.
Creed: Cool. Let's keep this on the QT okay? I want you to be a dead mama jama.

If Angela can get a gay man to marry her, maybe I could get a lesbian to marry me. That's hot.


Little advice. Take a day off from the whole Jim schtick. Try caring about something. You might like how it feels, James.


Once a month, the lowest performing person, buh-bye.

Catherine Tate

There'd be no titles. Everyone has the same job. Same goes for me. I'd take your job. I'd reject the title.

Catherine Tate

How do I know that Robert is gay? He liked my facebook photos at three o'clock in the morning.


Pam: You're in the gay mafia.
Oscar: You're thinking of another group. Much wealthier, much older. You sound ignorant.

Dwight: What's your daughter's name again? Pee Pee?
Jim: Pee Pa.

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