Meredith: Since your birthday, you've been acting like a very different person.
Chloe: It's called growing up. Really, mom, no drugs, I promise.

It's amazing how many girls find a little bruising sexy.


Chloe: I don't suppose you have any thoughts on the Brian, Alek of it all.
Paul: Nope, not a one.

We belong together.


Amy: Maybe you should think about dating a Mai guy.
Chloe: A Mai guy? You're not about to burst into song, are you?

Chloe: Things are changing and you need to have your own life.
Meredith: But I don't want things to change between us.
Chloe: It'll be okay. We'll change together. I love you.

So, if she can't date humans, aren't there some other semi-cool Mai guys you can introduce her to? Wait! Do you guys have a website or a roster or something?


Alek: How can it be my fault? I haven't done anything.
Paul: You'd be surprised what can be your fault.

Chloe: Tall, chiseled and with an accent.
Amy: Well done mother Meredith!
Chloe: I'll tell her that you approve.

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