Why? What's wrong? Is it that creepy photo guy? Is he back? Did he bring some nun-chuck wielding friends?


You may be the one person in my life I totally trust.


Don't worry. There's no one more deadly than an assassin with a grudge.


You laugh but I pack quite a punch!

Alek: I'm not cheating. It's natural talent.
Paul: You're using your Mai powers.
Alek: Yeah, which is 100% natural for me.

Chloe, I just want you to know...this does not count as a first date.


Meredith: Hey, I love you. No implieds.
Chloe: I love you, too.

Toilet or litter box?


Paul: You know it's Saturday. Chloe's not working?
Alek: I do other things besides follow Chloe around.

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