The Mentalist

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The mentalist
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Go to Hell goes without saying.


You want me to get you some donuts while I'm out.


Good luck Teresa. Love you.


You seem like a good man who lost his way.


He has to hit bottom and know it. That's recovery 101, right?


Benjamin does this thing now where he scoots forward on his butt like a penguin. It's so cute it's insane.


I killed a man last year. Turns out he wasn't the man I wanted to kill. Wrong guy...anyway.


Stuff just happens, that's all. Just one damn thing after another.


Lorelei: So you're not magician?
Patrick: No. I'm a con man. I steal from people.

If you don't get the bad guy then what's the point of all this?


Lisbon: Are you leaving the CBI?
Jane: No, of course not. What would I do for amusement?

Van Pelt: Does Jane seem off to you?
Cho: Always.

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