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These people are nuttier than a fruitcake.


Jane: We are state law enforcement, and we leave when we want to leave.
Lisbon: We'll be going.
Jane: She want's to leave. You blew my cool.
Lisbon: I swear sometimes I think you need medication.

Lisbon: I don't even need my gun, I can just hit you with my chair.
Jane: I think you'll find it's bolted to the floor.

Jane: I need you to come visit me.
Lisbon: Why? We're busy.
Jane: Please Lisbon? It's really important, I need to see you. Also a blueberry muffin.

Lisbon: I feel hungry, because I skipped lunch. The new guy in the mail room is hot.
Jane: Is he?
Lisbon: Yeah.
Jane: Let's fast forward a little, later in the day.
Lisbon: Van Pelt is working late, she's a hard worker, she may do well if she manages to not sleep with Rigsby.

Tiger tiger burning bright in the forest of the night.

Red John

If there's one thing I can't tolerate is cheap imitations of my work.

Red John

Lisbon: You should make that call.
Jane: What call?
Lisbon: Right, like I'm not a detective too.

People do change Patrick, it's possible.

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