You're the smartest man I've ever met.


Jane: You always have every angle covered.
Erick: Don't you?

Erika: I always think of you as having a plan but never admitting it.
Jane: Funny, that's how I think of you.

Jane: Just a trick.
Yon: I've tested others. You're the only one getting everything correct.
Jane: I didn't say it was an easy trick.

I arrested her, I don't know how I feel about helping her avoid prison.


The people who built this jail were nice enough to put doors in the walls. Why don't they just use them?


We just caught you in a warehouse full of stolen vehicles. You're the one who should be trying to make a deal with me. If you're too stupid to see that, I don't know what value you have for the FBI.


It felt so good not to live a lie anymore. Scary too. I don't know what's going to happen, if he's going to stick around or...


Jane: You want to know how I got her to lower her guard?
Lisbon: How?
Jane: I lowered my own.

Promise me you'll wear the flip flops when you shower. Hear me out. A, you look less attractive which should be considered and B. the floor is a petri dish.


Don't tell a whole lot of little lies, just one big lie is enough and everything else just stays the same.


I think we know what feels right and I think that that should be our guide.