Lipson: How does it feel?
Fogg: Like I’m holding a goddamn crazy cat, and the fur is ruining my custom suits.
Lipson: No wonder all those Bond villains were so pissy. Bright side, you can actually complain while you’re holding it.
Fogg: What a joy.

Alice: It’s ready Fen.
Fen: Do I just?
Alice: Talk to it. Your memories.
Fen: Uh, I remember the Silver Banks and Chatwins’ Torrent and, uh, the Shankly Boar – uh, that was weird. I, uh, there’s Robin Bay, and…
Josh: Nothing’s happening.
Margo: Fuck Fen.
Alice: You can’t just describe it. You need to give it your memories.
Fen: Oh OK, my Fillory. I remember the first time I saw a Pegasus. I was 10. Only in Fillory. I remember the first time I saw my dad use magic to make a knife, and then he wouldn’t show me because I’m a girl. I remember my dad gave me away to a stranger, and that’s when I realized Fillory kinda sucks sometimes.
Josh: What are you doing?
Fen: I’m taking about my Fillory. That place could be, uh, backwards as shit, and I’m thinking I don’t want to replicate that.
Josh: We kinda need a wellspring, so…
Fen: Right. Can I just have the best of Fillory, the best of us, of earth, plus the best of those cool movies Todd and I watched. That’s the home I want. That’s what we deserve.

Penny: I spent my whole life thinking my mom was a basket case. You’re telling me she’s fine.
Julia: She was fine with me. We need to see how she is with you. Look, I won’t pretend I can even imagine what this is like for you, but you won’t be alone.

George: Thank you Henry.
Fogg 17: George, my pleasure.
Paloma: On our new world, you can have your own island.
Fogg 17: No, I want my own goddamn country.
Paloma: Fine.

Eliot: Alice, whatever it is, whatever you’re feeling, you can…you can just tell me.
Alice: I just can’t stop thinking about what he did to me. I was so useless, so stupid.

Marina: You see? This is why I don’t hang out with you people.
Zelda: But on the bright side, we were pitch perfect.

Zelda: He must have been in range of the spell.
Marina: So I have to run a heist with a pig in my head?
Margo: What’s the shit with the gun?
Sir Effingham: It is to put in the hands of a hero who will do what is just and necessary.
Eliot: Which is?
Sir Effingham: Assassinate she who plots to destroy Fillory: Julia Wicker.

Josh: I will kill Julia. You have my solemn word as a devout Catholic.
Sir Effingham: A hero has risen, with a most excellent singing voice.
Josh: Ha, well, we’ll karaoke in Fillory because it’s definitely not getting destroyed.

Margo: I think I speak for the group in wondering why the fuck did we all Chorus Line?
Alice: And I heard all of you in my head, not just Marina.
Josh: Yeah, what the hell?
Zelda: Our circumstances are unstable. Our collective surge of emotion must have broken down some of the spells’ barriers. And as for the singing, well, it was designed by a conductor, and music is the purest manifestation of feeling.
Josh: So let me get this straight, every time we have a feeling, we’re gonna go full on Glee. That doesn’t seem ideal for, you know, a heist.

Zelda: Well, there’s the conductor spell. Created by a conductor who was going blind so he and his orchestra could still communicate.
Josh: Wouldn’t all those voices be kind of confusing?
Zelda: Each musician only hears the conductor but never one another.
Fen: I’m totally sure I don’t understand and totally sure it’s going to work.
Alice: Why wouldn’t it set off the hotel protections?
Zelda: The spell was designed to help artists, so by nature, it’s innocuous.
Margo: You’ll be the conductor then?
Zelda: I would, but I don’t know the hotel, not like…
Alice: So wait, not only are we breaking into a hotel of horrors but our conductor has to be a psychopath.
Marina: Sociopath, technically.

Fen: The first thing you have to do is explain why you want to build a new world.
George: To you?
Fen: To the seed. It’s alive, and in order to grow, it needs to know exactly what you want and why. The seed will know if you lie and refuse to grow.
Paloma: We’ve made powerful enemies here on earth, and one cursed us, making us…
George: Unable to have children. But on a new world, beyond the reach of our enemies, we hope to have a family.
Fen: Uh OK. I have to admit that’s not a motive I could have guessed, but do you really think you’d make the best parents?

Julia: Look, I get this is hard, OK.
Penny: Julia, no.
Julia: But we have to do everything we can in our power to make sure that our child has a better mother than you did.
Penny: He already does.
Julia: She might, if we can find out what happens to traveler moms, and the only one we can talk to is yours.
Penny: I don’t even know where she is.
Julia: I do. Connecticut, according to the locator spell.
Penny: OK, you realize you are getting more intense every day and impossible to argue with, and it is kind of scary.
Julia: Hormones dude. Enjoy the ride.

The Magicians Season 5 Quotes

Fogg: Ah, god damn it. Shit. My apologies.
Julia: Dean Fogg?
Fogg: I was waiting for the right moment to interject, and well, that never came.
Penny: Are you drunk?
Fogg: No, and I’m sorry about the scotch. I was smelling it.

Penny: Julia, you ready? Wow, wow, you look …
Julia: Overdressed.
Penny: Great.
Julia: I thought you said this was a date.
Penny: I said I was taking you out and to dress appropriately.
Julia: That means dress up. You totally told me to dress up.
Penny: I should have been more specific.
Julia: Good. Glad to hear you accept the blame.