Bunny 1: Found magic. Need help.
Alice: Who sent you?
Bunny 1: Found magic. Need help.
Penny: Okay where? Vegas...
Bunny 2: Oh sorry. It's Fen.

Dean Fogg: Try not to Todd this up.
Todd: I will try not to be myself.

Margo: You're saying Josh is a fucking fish?
Fen: Well of course not, he's a Fillorian Dying Fish. A Fillorian Fucking Fish is a totally different species.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to read up on a damn cure while maintaining constant eye contact with an anchovy. And they say girls are the ones who get needy once you fuck 'em.


Believing in something, really believing, is almost impossible, but the Quentin I first met, he believed in magic, and in Fillory.


Margo: Call them by their names: Sorrow, and Sorrow.

Mayakovsky: Drink that.
Quentin: This will help with the test...
Mayakovsky: It will kill brain cells. I have plenty to spare, you don't, but I don't want to drink alone.

And I'm still rinsing desert sand out of my twat. I'm not going to fucking Antarctica. Grow a pair of tits, Coldwater.


I already know, you used Time Share Spell. I've been working on it. Clearly, I must have finished it. Don't worry, the future is safe. Everything you say is in The Vault. [Holds up a bottle of vodka.] This vault. I will definitely not remember anything about this conversation, like most conversations I have with students like you, B Plus.


Mayakovsky: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I've seen Back to the Future. You want to fuck your mother in past?
Quentin: No.
Mayakovsky: Why? She not attractive?

Yep, it's shark week! You can thank my uterus later!


You don't get to be a magician my age, dear, without a very healthy sense of self-preservation.

Dean Fogg

The Magicians Season 4 Quotes

So spells are basically credit cards with automated fraud warning calls? That’s not super inspired.


Who are you? Where am I? And why does everyone in this nightmare keep calling me king? Is that even a thing?