Kady: Look, I know you're not evil. Just the definition of obedience.
Zelda: I used to be.
Kady: Prove it.

And you've met gods, but I won't be like them. I studied them so I could do better, be better. Trust me.


You know what I wanted to do with my life? To be? Penny's goddamned girlfriend. I acted tough but all I wanted was him.


You will not fail as long as the decision is yours.

Our Lady Underground

Bunny 1: Found magic. Need help.
Alice: Who sent you?
Bunny 1: Found magic. Need help.
Penny: Okay where? Vegas...
Bunny 2: Oh sorry. It's Fen.

Believing in something, really believing, is almost impossible, but the Quentin I first met, he believed in magic, and in Fillory.


Margo: You're saying Josh is a fucking fish?
Fen: Well of course not, he's a Fillorian Dying Fish. A Fillorian Fucking Fish is a totally different species.

No, you should understand how futile it all is. We work so hard to protect the Flame of Knowledge, but there will always be things we can't understand.


The Monster: Perhaps you can tell me, do I have a name?
Monster's Sister: Why would you need one?
The Monster: Starbucks mostly.

No running away Little Not God. I'd hate to damage my sister's new body.

The Monster

Shit, maybe I do love this goddamned guppy.


How do you kill an intangible thought creature? Where do you even stab?

The Monster

The Magicians Season 4 Quotes

So spells are basically credit cards with automated fraud warning calls? That’s not super inspired.


Who are you? Where am I? And why does everyone in this nightmare keep calling me king? Is that even a thing?