Josh: OK, that’s it. I’m not buying it.
Eliot as Margo: Not buying what?
Josh: Any of this -- emotional, agreeable, patient. You’re not Margo.
Eliot as Margo: Who else would I be?
Josh: This is Fillory. I don’t know, you could be a hallucination or a shapeshifter or an agent of the Dark King.

Eliot as Margo: So you’ve been wanting to talk to me for weeks about what happened between us, but when I finally apologize you accuse me of being possessed.
Josh: Right, apologize, does that sound like Margo to you?
Eliot as Margo: Fine, maybe I was saying what you wanted to hear because you never let up. You keep trying to get me to talk about something I don’t want to talk about.
Josh: OK, fine, I get that.
Eliot as Margo: You want to know the truth: You picked someone who will never put first. There’s no fixing Margo -- I mean me -- because chances are if I had to relive it, I’d make the same decision. So stop asking me to apologize for something I don’t feel sorry about.
Josh: Now you sound like you.

Alice: How long ago?
Hamish: Five years. You?
Alice: A lot less. So, how long until it feels less like it’s eating all of you?
Hamish: I’m kinda still waiting.
Alice: I just feel like I’m gonna be swalking whatever I am forever.
Hamish: I did too. It starts like this tight ball in your chest, but over time it gets lighter because it just kind of spreads into the rest of you.
Alice: It’s like your own personal symbiote.
Hamish: Yeah, kind of, except not murderous and weirdly paper-focused. Just sad.
Alice: Yeah.
Hamish: Make it to a year. It’ll still suck, but it gets quieter. I promise.

Penny: What the hell was Coldwater doing with instructions to something so powerful?
Alice: I have no idea.

Eliot: How fucked up is it that I miss him?
Margo: El, there’s nothing wrong with you. He was hot and complicated. Those are the ones worth banging. You’ve just had some shitty luck with boys so far, that’s all. It doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve love or won’t ever find it.
Eliot: Well, at least I have better luck with friends.

Julia: Uh hey Fen, can I ask you something?
Fen: Yeah.
Julia: Lately, I’ve just been feeling a little bit off. If we were on earth, I’d know what to do, but is there like a magic plant or something out here that I can pee on to find out if I’m …
Bunny: Pregnant.
Julia: Shit.

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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Eliot: I’m not sure I can go through with this.
Margo: El, you have a crush on a boy who’s bad for you -- happens to all of us -- but how do we get crushes out of our system?
Eliot: Lots of drinking, pining, some detailed sex fantasies?
Margo: No, we bang them out.
Eliot: OK, that’s great except for the part where now I have to murder the guy I hypothetically slept with, which is a thing that shouldn’t really happen to a person more than once.

Fen: The Takers, that’s how he stays in power. He summons them, and only he can fight them.
Josh: Jesus, I go away to my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah for one week, and then everything gets fakakta. What are we going to do?
Margo: We got to kill the Dark King. What, we’re all thinking it.
Josh: Eli’s Torah portion was all about the sanctity of life, and I found it very moving. So, can’t we, I don’t know, peacefully overthrow him?
Margo: No, we can’t. He’s got a centurion army. I should know, I’m one of them.
Eliot: Also 300 years of propaganda convincing everyone they need them.
Fen: Also, also, 300 years, we’re talking a powerful immortal magician. Doubt you can just walk up and stab the guy.
Margo: I’ve been researching: The Dark King survived seven assassination attempts since he took our thrones.
Julia: Must be big magic keeping him alive. We have to figure out what it is, find out his weakness.
Josh: You’re on board with this too?
Julia: I mean, I’m here to stop an apocalypse that happens because an evil force invades from a distant realm. That sounds like the Takers.
Margo: Then it’s settled. We kill the Dark King, stop the Takers from pouring in, stop the apocalypse. Who’s in?