Penny: If it were going to be here anyway, I figured Lipson could come here, do the treatments, run some scans. Two birds.
Julia: Right, but Lipson said the baby was fine.
Penny: She said she needed to some more tests. She said it might be dangerous.
Julia: And you said you’d have my back, and instead, you’re trapping me here. She has to reapply the treatments every couple of hours.
Penny: I’m just looking out for you and the baby. Somebody has to.
Hyman: Oh shit. Sorry, I’ll be quiet go on.
Penny: You can’t eavesdrop on people’s shit like that.
Hyman: But…
Julia: Hyman, you have a body now. You really need to understand boundaries. So do you.

Umber: If Umber sent you on this task, you should be able to identify the true ark, but if you choose poorly…
Josh: Ooh, we age really fast and then we all turn to dust just like in ‘The Last Crusade.’
Umber: Indeed, this security precaution is inspired by my master’s love for ‘Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.’ For copyright purposes, the consequences of an incorrect choice has been changed to something more explosive. Choose…
Josh: Wisely, yeah, we get it.

Marina: You need to let me do the talking. This is sensitive.
Kady: How’d you fuck over Anna, huh? Did she lose a limb or something?
Marina: Well, I definitely fucked her.

Penny: What are you doing?
Hyman: Just stretching.
Penny: You’re trying to put yourself into stasis. What the hell man?
Hyman: To be honest, I haven’t really enjoyed this episode of my life. What is so great about having a body anyway? You’re hungry all the time. Everything you do makes you sore. You’re pooping constantly.
Penny: That hasn’t been my experience, but your body’s been in a bench for a century. Give it a minute man.
Hyman: And when dramatic things are happening to your friends you can’t even watch.
Penny: This is about me and Julia? You’re pissed because you can’t listen in on everyone’s personal conversations? It’s none of your business.
Hyman: But it is. I put you two together. I ‘shipped you before you even ‘shipped yourselves. Before, I was a part of everything, and now, I am, uh, a minor character in my own story. God.
Penny: Well, that’s the tradeoff. You don’t get to spy on people’s intimate moments; you get to live your own.
Hyman: That’s supposed to be better? If people wanted to talk to me, do you think I would have done this in the first place?
Penny: So spying on the showers was…
Hyman: Loneliness…and horniness.
Penny: You’re never going to make a connection by hiding, Hyman. You got to put yourself out there, just be honest with people. It may take a minute, but you’ll find someone who can stand you.
Hyman: Uh, are you doing that thing where you’re giving me advice, but it’s just for you?
Penny: No, I’m trying to…god damn it, I got to find Julia.

Sir Effingham: Oh my heavens, you have embraced the blessing of your sex, but surely you have misplaced your wedding band. You are widowed then?
Julia: No.
Sir Effingham: Oh you poor dear, you are carrying a bastard.
Julia: Definitely talking to one. I thought you chose Todd for this quest.
Sir Effingham: I fear he is not the intrepid hero I once thought him to be.
Julia: You don’t say?

Sir Effingham: My vision of Fillory’s demise has grown clearer. I now see those who would bring the apocalypse to Fillory have visited it many times before. They enter from a distance realm through a tree.
Julia: Like a portal tree?
Sir Effingham: Indeed, these fiends plan to thieve away every soul in the land before they destroy it outright.
Julia: Huh? How exactly do they do that?
Sir Effingham: My vision is hazy, but I do know that they will turn back the clock on Fillory, resulting in ruin.
Julia: Um, does these fiends, do they succeed in stealing the people and building a new world for them?
Sir Effingham: That much I do not know because…wait, I made no mention of a new world. It is you.
Julia: It’s for Fillory’s own good. The dead will rise. This is the only way we can save everyone.
Sir Effingham: No, hogwash. What dark forces have corrupted your fair mind?
Julia: You have. We wouldn’t be on this quest if you hadn’t told us about it in the first place.
Sir Effingham: Are you now blaming me for your own villainy? Oh, the ways of the sow are nastier than I thought possible. But know this: The death of Fillory cannot come without a cost.
Julia: What do you mean?
Sir Effingham: Those who will destroy her will lose the ones they love.

Eliot: Will you please help us choose a globe? Margo is chopping at the bid, and Josh is holding her off for as long as he can.
Fen: I thought I could take myself into this, but I just keep thinking if this was earth, you would try a lot harder to find some other way.
Eliot: Yeah, probably.
Fen: So maybe it’s my job to represent Fillory, but not just the people, the place, the history, the things we can’t take with us. You want my permission to destroy it? I can’t give that to you.
Eliot: Well, if you have any other ideas we are all ears. Do you?
Fen: No.

Fen: I know what you’re thinking: It’s just like the people of Fillory to do something so stupid.
Eliot: No, I was thinking it’s taken me a really long time to figure that you can still love something even after it’s gone.
Fen: Even if you helped kill it?
Eliot: OK, Fen, time for a come to Umber talk. You don’t want to be a sidekick? You want to have a say? This is what that feels like. I’m not asking for your permission. Some part of Fillory has to die, and you’re the one who has to choose. Is it going to be the rocks and the dirt or the people and the traditions and all of the things you can take with you?

Fen: It didn’t explode. I did it. I chose wisely. I’m wise.
Josh: All the people of Fillory are going to fit into a seahorse?
Eliot: How’d you know that was the one?
Fen: Because that’s how Ember and Umber first brought people to Fillory. They chartered the Great Seahorse to carry us in his pouch. What, how’d people get to earth?
Josh: The same. The same.

Julia: It’s just terrifying, you know? What is Lipson does the tests, and it’s bad news? You know, right now everything is good, and the thought of losing any of that is just…
Penny: Julia, it’s not the baby I’m freaking out about it. Look, I told you how my dad left, but what I didn’t tell you -- what I haven’t told anyone -- is around that time, my mom started having episodes, getting disoriented, hearing shit that wasn’t there. The doctors thought it was the stress from my dad bailing on us, but…
Julia: You think it’s because of you.
Penny: What’s happening to you looks just like what’s happening to my mom. The episodes didn’t stop when I was born; they got worse. When she burned down our apartment, it was the first time I got thrown into foster care. She’d fight to get me back, and then she’d get sick again. Eventually, the state took me in for good, and I was scared, but I was more scared of my mom. I fucked her up for life.
Julia: I’m so sorry.
Penny: I don’t want what happened to her to happen to you.
Julia: OK, I get it. I’ll do it -- the scans, the treatments -- but you have to know it won’t be like what happened to your mom. We know about magic. We have ways to deal with it.
Penny: And I won’t put you in a cage.

The Magicians Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Penny: Have you been to a doctor?
Julia: They don’t exactly have ultrasounds in Fillory.
Penny: Have you thought about what this means for us?
Julia: What do you want it to mean?
Penny: We broke up for good reasons. None of that has changed. My dad wasn’t around for long, my mom. Look, I’m not doing that to our kid. I want to be there for him. Her?
Julia: No clue yet. I want you to be there too.

Josh: It seems like I missed a lot here.
Margo: It’s actually super simple. The Dark King a.k.a Rupert Chatwin is trying to jailbreak his dead lover out of hell or whatever, so he needs to get rid of the guard dogs first. Hence, using you as a human smallpox blanket to kill the Takers.
Josh: Yeah, uh, I meant more like … contraception wards are supposed to be full-proof.
Margo: Don’t worry, my uterus is on lock.
Josh: Right, ‘cuz a werewolf baby could be, yikes, but potentially very cute.
Margo: Fucking adorable. Someday. Not now. I’m not giving birth to a god damn litter, Josh. Besides I thought we were done.
Josh: You risked your sanity to save me from the Taker realm. If that doesn’t buy us a clean slate…
Margo: So can we skip to the reunion banging? You’re wearing three rubbers.
Josh: At least.