Captain, it's time.

Slattery [to Kara]

Stop punishing yourself for being alive.

Sasha [to Tom]

Nina: So we retreat?
Marine: Retreat? Hell, we just got here.

Slattery: That was too close.
Tom: Their aim's only going to get better.

That monster ship of yours is coming for us all now.

Slattery [to Tom]

Where is he? Tom Chandler? He couldn't be bothered.

Tavo [to Sasha]

Sasha: I'm worried about you, Tom. I'm worried to leave you on Nathan James.
Tom: In less than five hours, you're going to hit that beach in Colombia with 300 sailors and Marines. Don't be afraid for me.

Clayton: We caught them by surprise, sir.
Slattery: They know we're here now.

Tom: Last gasp of a dying dictator, inciting his people to rise up.
Slattery: And force us to kill civilians, to protect his own ass. Coward.

If Chandler wants me, he can come get me. Let him try.

Tavo [to Conchita]

Tex: Feeling lucky?
Tom: Luck's about all I ever had.

So beautiful here, man. It's peaceful. It's hard to believe how different this place is going to be in a few hours.

Burk [to Danny]

The Last Ship Season 5 Quotes

Mr. Swain, how is it my brightest student is always the last one to turn in his assignments?

Tom [to Swain]

We have to think different because we are different. We are warriors.

Tom [to midshipmen]