I know who you are. You're a kind and wonderful man but got a little bit off track. Don't worry. I'll get you back in the second and third trimesters.


This thing really, um, really kept me going out there. During the dark times when I was at my loneliest, I would just sit down and search for life.


Named her after Mike Clark Duncan. Big Green Mile fans. Yeah...j.k. Named her after you.


God! I just feel so close to you! We've been friends for awhile now, but I think now it's time for us to be friends friends, you know?


Are you here to get me to have a pillow fight or something?


I'm just going to come out and say it! You know, if I were trying to get pregnant, I wouldn't be guzzling wine at every turn like a teen at a hootenanny.


The density. The sheen. The crumb. This is an adult.


Carol, a big bulge has never scared off Gail Klosterman.


Todd, I've decided. I want to have a baby, and I want to have it with you.


This baby is not going to wait. You've got two months, tops.


Your lower back hair is catching the light in the most beautiful way. It's like I'm seeing it for the first time.


Todd: Do you like your baby?
Erica: Ehhh. I don't know. She's alright, I guess.

The Last Man on Earth Quotes

Carol: We should go back and get that bomb...
Phil: Carol... I knew you were gonna say that. I don't know how to put a bomb back in that little thingy!
Carol: We're Americans, we put a man on the moon!
Phil: Fine, if you wanna go back and get the bomb, we'll go back and get the bomb.
Carol: That won't be necessary, Phil, it's fine. Just the fact that you offered is good enough for me.

(to herself) Hm. Nice. Could use a little razzmatazz, though. Bam. "Oooh, Carol, where did you get such an expensive T-shirt? In the jewel markets of Monaco?"