Holder: What's so funny?
Linden: You trying to do math is kind of like a dog wearing a hat.

Yo, why don't you focus your beady little eyes on driving instead?


So good little dead girl was a bad little web girl.


Screw you, Mitch. You didn't even know your own daughter.


Feel? I didn't feel nothing.


Next time you come near my son, I'll arrest you for kidnapping.


Our son? Wow. I think Jack is doing just fine without his father so far.


I guess Karen was right. Can't find a working girl who don't want to be found.


I'm here because you pushed me here. So don't go acting like you didn't want that man back. The only reason I'm in here and you're out there is because I had the balls to admit what I did.


People like me can do whatever the hell we want and do you know why? Because the Richmonds of the world will always clean up after us.


Yeah, you're a real role model. You teach her how to shotgun a beer?


This is not your problem anymore. You're fired.


The Killing Quotes

Hello, Facebook. Kid's don't write letters.

Jack Linden

Linden: In situations like this, I like to ask myself: what would Jesus do?
Holder: Don't know. I'll ask him.