Whether this is my end or my new beginning, I have no way of knowing. I've given myself over into the hands of strangers. I have no choice. It can't be helped. And so I step up into the darkness within or else the light.


Moira: Hey.
Luke: Hey.
Moira: How, how are you here?
Luke: They called me when you're name came up and you're on my list.
Moira: List? List of family?
Luke: Yeah, yeah, of course. [Moira jumps into his arms, sobbing.]

Go home. Go home all of you and think about what you have done!! There will be consequences. Believe me.

Aunt Lydia

Ofglen: You're gonna get me in trouble AGAIN. You're the worst shopping partner EVER.
June: Shut up.
Ofglen: YOU shut up.

The Commander: Is it mine?
June: Of course.
The Commander: You do that so well.

June: I need your help.
The Commander: Of course.
June: I need you to protect my daughter.
The Commander: From what?
June: From her.
The Commander: I'm sure you don't need to worry. Mrs. Waterford would never hurt a child.
June: You don't know her.

Listen to me. As long as my baby is safe, so is yours.

Serena Joy

Serena Joy: You need to keep your hands off of her. I will not have her hanging from a ceiling or stepping in front of a truck, do you understand me, Fred?
Fred: Control myself? You brought lust and temptation back into this house on your back and on your knees. If I've sinned, then you led me to it.
Serena Joy: You can blame me all you want, but He knows the truth. Everybody answers to God.
Fred: And you answer to me. Go to your room.
Serena Joy: She's pregnant.
Fred: Praise be.
Serena Joy: Praise be. It isn't yours. You're weak, and God wouldn't let you pass on that weakness. You could never father a child because you're not worthy.

Serena Joy: I forget. How many tiles do you pick to start?
Fred: Seven.
Serena Joy: Do you want to play?
Fred: Love to, but I have work to do. In any case, you know the law.
Serena Joy: Yes, I do. I helped write it.

Serena Joy: Praise be his mercy. He's answered our prayers.
June: You think I prayed for this? You think I prayed to bring a baby into this house?
Serena Joy: God knows what's in your heart. Get some rest.

It's their own fault. They should have never given us uniforms if they didn't want us to be an army.


Single line please. Boy. Look at these outfits. Parade of sluts! Take your hands out of your pocket. Did I say 'run,' you in the vest? Semi-circle! Equi-distant! Hands clasped, eyes down, girls.

Aunt Lydia

The Handmaid's Tale Season 1 Quotes

Aunt Lydia: Remember your scripture; blessed are the meek.
Offred: And blessed are those who suffer for the cause of righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. I remember.

A priest, a doctor, a gay man. I think I heard that joke once. This wasn't the punchline.