June: I need you to do something for me, OK? Are you listening? Enjoy your life. And love your parents. And you do whatever they tell you, OK? Because I need you to be careful and I need you to keep yourself safe. [to the Martha] Just take care of her for me. Protect her, please.
Martha: I will.
June: Just love her for me.
Martha: I promise.
Hannah: Mommy?
June: Yes, sweetie?
Hannah: Am I ever going to see you again?
June: You know what? I'm gonna try.

Serena Joy: We did it Offred, and this is the will of God and we rejoice and be glad in it.
June: No one knows the things of God.

Be courageous and do not fear, for God is with you. He will strengthen you and comfort you. He will uphold you with his righteous hand.

Aunt Lydia

Hannah: Did you try to find me?
June: I did. I tried so hard. Daddy did too.
Hannah: Why didn't you try harder?
June: Baby, it's OK for you to be mad at me.
Hannah: I waited for you.
June: I know, and I'm so sorry I couldn't be there for you and to protect you. I wanted to.
Hannah: It's OK. I have new parents now.

I shouldn't have expected you to understand. You have no idea what it is to have a child of your own flesh and blood. And you never will.


June: I've already lost a child, and I'm about to be lose another one. It would help if I could be moved to my daughter's district. Please. If it is at all within your power to do that.
Fred: Who are you to tell me what's within my power?
June: I understand that it's unusual. I would never approach her. She would never even see me. I can promise that.
Fred: I've been too lenient with you, too indulgent.
June: What?
Fred: I've spoiled you. Get out [waves his hand]. GET OUT!!!

Wife: Get help!
Emily: Chances are better if I lay on my back afterward.

Luke: Waterford, you fuckin' piece of shit!
Fred: Commander Waterford, if you don't mind. And you are?
Luke: Luke Bankole, and you raped my wife!
Fred: You have a simplistic impression of my country, Mr. Bankole. We all know the media doesn't care much about the truth these days.
Luke: Hey, hey! You're gonna remember my face 'cause I'm gonna remember yours, and this is all gonna be over someday.
Fred: You should remember your scripture, Mr. Bankole. This kingdom shall endureth forever.
Luke: Fuck you!

There you go. I got you someone.


Fred: We made progress this morning. Border security's on the table, maybe even extradition of illegal immigrants. You seem worried. Are you thinking about the husband?
Serena: No.
Fred: It was unpleasant, but we soldier on.

Serena: So what do you do for your American government.
Mark: I've got a good job, but it's rewarding. Very rewarding. I can help you.
Serena: How?
Mark: Well, you don't want a cigarette. Maybe a new life?
Serena: [laughs] No thank you.
Mark: Mrs. Waterford, we could have you on a plane to Honolulu in half an hour. You would never have to go back to Gilead again.
Serena: I'm afraid I didn't pack for the beach.

Serena: So you're from the Embassy?
Mark: No, but I am a representative of the American government.
Serena: Which American government is that?
Mark: We're still a nation, smaller than before, but we still wield some power.

The Handmaid's Tale Quotes

Raise your daughter to be a feminist. She spends all her time waiting to be rescued by men.


Aunt Lydia: I was Godmother to my sister's child. He died when he was four days old.
June: Sorry.
Aunt Lydia: It wasn't my fault.