I want to be clear that we did not have sex in your office.


Unfortunately the court does not recognize the doctrine of Immaculate conception.


The law is an odd thing.


I'm not going to let this office devolve into a frat house.


He's good. If I had stock I might even vote for him.


Can you guarantee he won't kill anyone in the next five minutes?


Others may find your cynicism bracing, Mrs Florek but I find it charming.


Dana: I am not a lesbian.
Cary: I know a lot of people who weren't anything until they met Kalinda.

You fellating Santa. I have to be blunt, sir, because that's how TMZ is gonna report it, Fox is gonna repeat it, and Jon Stewart is gonna finish it. 'Here. Comes. Santa.'


You're pitiful. Get a pair of balls and throw a punch.


Childs: On what grounds?
Judge: On the grounds of how else will I spend my Thursday afternoon if the three of you aren't here.

Cary: I don't even think you have a new job. You're just like one of those mom's who lies about being pregnant.
Dana: That happens a lot in your experience?

The Good Wife Season 3 Quotes

Will: You poked the bear. I asked you not to poke the bear.
Diane: Would you stop with the bear talk.

I thought you Feds were on some sort of a budget crunch. I get two of you?