I want to be a great [state's attorney] and I can't be without you.


Poetry is easy; it's the parent-teacher conferences that are hard.


At what point is our job wrong?


Julius: You think he's innocent?
Alicia: No, I think he's innocent of this.

Diane: You dancing a jig inside?
Will: Like Rose on the Titanic.

This was not fair. And I was stupid; I acted like it would be.


You like to think you're a good person. Maybe that used to be the case. But we both know you'll do whatever it takes.


Alicia: Are you gay?
Kalinda: I'm private.

You won. He lost. So you're gonna turn this into some morbid thing because that's who you are. So, let's go.


Diane: Who would have thought our firm would be worth more without us than with us?
Will: Really undermines one's confidence.

I know I don't seem like the warm and understanding type. But this is my warm and understanding face.


Alicia: You want me to use my connections.
Diane: I want you to want the job.

The Good Wife Season 1 Quotes

Alicia Florrick: The last time I was in Court it was 13 years ago.
Kalinda Sharma: Wow, I was twelve!
Alicia Florrick: Thanks.

Jackie Florrick: He needs you to forgive him, Alicia.
Alicia Florrick: He took everything I thought we had and he just put it out there.
Jackie Florrick: He didn't want that. The press...
Alicia Florrick: Oh, Jackie, stop it! Peter wasn't thinking of us.