Woman: My dance career would be over.
Man: But you'd still have your life.
Woman: Dancing is my life. Do whatever you have to do to save my leg.

Jordan: I urge you to reconsider the surgery.
Miles: I'm not afraid of dying. Where's my daughter? Why isn't she here telling me any of this.

Jordan: I know a lot of girls who didn't have fathers, but yours did something others didn't. He came back.
Claire: He came back out of a sense of guilt. He wants to be forgiven. That's a gift I'm not giving.

Lea: I don't need you to do any of this, Shaun.
Shaun: What do you need me to do?
Lea: Just be the dad. Not the doctor.

You were right. It wasn't just a migraine. I have terminal cancer.


This young lady almost died from a collision with an elbow. There must be something else going on here. Find out what it is.


Miles: Hello, Claire. My name is Miles Brown and I am your father.
Claire: What are you doing here?

Shaun: We're having a baby.
Lea: And that baby is making me feel like I ate three-month-old sushi.

I jotted down some things for you. No great words of wisdom but when you're an old man and you're looking out the plane window, you think about all the mistakes you make in life. I lived alone, every day same routine for 50 years. But then I got an invitation to meet you two, and you know what it got me thinking about? It got me thinking about the moon and July 20, 1969. I watched a man walk on the moon. One day, we'd never been to the moon. It was impossible to fathom even walking on it. And the next day we're walking on it. The impossible became possible just like that. For 50 years, I lived in a trailer, a trailer that went nowhere. Whatever the opposite is of an astronaut, that's what I became. And then I got that invitation in the mail for a Zoom, whatever the hell that is, but an invitation to meet my great-nephew and my great-niece. My big brother's grandchildren. I went a really long time, and I've been stuck. Anything good that would ever happen to me, it just seemed impossible. But here I am. I made it. You two are my moon.


Nicky. You have hated yourself for so long and now you have all this love coming at you and it's weird and it makes you want to go AWOL.


I can't believe I was your age sitting her listening to the radio with my old man when Roosevelt came on and said Pearl Harbor had been bombed. Things change. Now I'm the old man sitting with my son watching three men come back from the moon.

Nicky's father

Jack: Sir, I want to ask your advice about something. There's this girl I want to propose to.
Lt. Sheenan: You're afraid she's gonna say no? You're not that ugly, Pearson.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Quotes

Shaun: You have COVID-19. I can tell without a test, which is a good thing because we don't have any.
Man: But I can't smell. That's not a symptom.
Shaun: It is now.
Man: So I have COVID. Now what?
Shaun: Go home. There's no treatment. Rest, stay away from people, come back if you have trouble breathing. Goodbye.

Lea: Have you seen my ID badge?
Shaun: This wouldn't have happened if you had stayed over.
Lea: My ability to lose things has not changed since I lived here.
Shaun: If you had stayed over you wouldn't have had to come back here.
Lea: It's too soon.
Shaun: Why is it too soon?
Lea: We've only been together a few weeks.
Shaun: How many weeks are required before you can stay over?