Thank you for coming to see me.


I know you're Super Callie, but this business with Kyle is not your problem. I just want you to take care of yourself.


You're not my dad. You're also not Mason's. I don't expect you to be.


Jesus: Idiot!
Mariana: I know what I saw.

Mariana: Wait, oh my God!
Matt: what?
Mariana: I think I just saw my mom. Guys, mom's here!

So are you having sex like all the time?


Lena: I never should have told you Brandon was having a party?
Stef: Yeah, well, probably not.

Don't you...don't you ever get lonely?


Brandon: Does Mom know?
Lena: Does she need to?

This is a house, B, not a Target, so unless you're going to pay for those...


You have no idea how sorry I am. Sorry we ever brought you into this house and allowed you to destroy our lives. My son is not a rapist or a thief, but his life is in ruins, and so is mine and my husband's. So take your pictures of a house that is no longer a home because of you.

Liam's mom

AJ: What's the story on this house?
Callie: Not a happy one.

The Fosters Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

A.J: How many places are we going to today?
Callie: This is only the second one.
AJ: Hey now, you didn't say anything about breaking and entering.
Callie: I'm not breaking and entering, I'm trespassing.

I'm getting fired.