Its stupid for men to feel this way...I thought that when I got off that list that everything would be normal. But all I keep thinking about is how much of my life was wasted and how I'm not going to get any of that time back.


I know we're all upset about the house, but it doesn't matter where we live. A home is wherever we are together.


Callie:So it went up your nose and in your brain?
Mariana: Eh, it probably wasn't too bad. There's a lot of extra space up there.

AJ: I know how much you care about people Callie, but maybe this time you should just..
Callie: What, give up?

What kind of mom gives her 15 year old kid pot?


Emma: Are you alright?
Mariana: I still have this headache.
Emma: Maybe it's empathetic pain. What? You know like twintuition.

Brandon: He's out of control!
Courtney: Great. Good to know what you think of me as a mother.

Stef: you have got to tell Courtney to get her kid under control.
Brandon: I'm not going to tell her how to parent her kid.
Stef: Someone should.

Brandon: Where are we moving to?
Jesus: Why do you care you don't even live here anymore.
Brandon: Hey I lived here longer than you.
Jesus: Oh yeah? And now you're shacking up with your MILF.

We uh, we're selling the house.


Callie: Hey!
Jude: Sup.
Callie: Are you stoned?
Jude: Uh, a skunk sprayed me.

Wow, drowning. Is that like a new parenting technique?


The Fosters Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Jesus: Can I schedule in some time to sleep?
Mariana: You can sleep when it's over.

AJ:Uh we were just studying for uh...
Callie: Chemistry.
AJ: Calculus.

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