Callie: What's a fitness hearing?
Stef: They want to charge you as an adult.

You need to let me talk to my daughter!


Young Mariana: You were supposed to save me.
Jesus: I tried. I've always tried.

Mariana: What was she doing in that guy's car anyway?
Stef:[pauses] Uh, she was looking for you, love.

Remember you can handle anything in the moment. It's our fear that undoes us.

Older lady

Kind kids turn into kind adults, and God knows this world could use a lot more of them.

Older Lady

They're really good kids. They're just making bad decisions.


May I sit with you?

Older woman [to Lena]

How long have you been Grey's bitch?


You're a liar, I know you killed your grandmother and I'm going to prove it.

Callie [to Troy]

Hey, what happened to that nice kid who came to stay with us? I miss him.


Some mistakes you can't take back.


The Fosters Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Brandon: Are you still stoned?
Jude: No.
Mariana: Again?
Jude: At least I'm not popping pills.

I know the mother. She's not a team player.

Detective Grey