Mariana: Are you sure you saw Emma buy a pregnancy test?
Brandon: Pretty sure.

Lena: I just couldn't bear the thought of leaving our baby in that place all alone.
Stef: He's home. They're all home.

Jude: Check it out. Finally your own room.
Jesus: It only took a nail to the head.

Thank you for the letter. Love you too.

Callie [to AJ]

Robert, listen, you live in a privileged world. I don't think you understand the system.


Brandon: I saw Emma buying a pregnancy test, and I saw her hand you the bag.
Mariana: She was buying me tampons!

Mariana: You just had sex with me and now you're dumping me?
Mat: I shouldn't have done that.
Mariana: I thought you loved me?
Mat: So did I.

Mat: Did you have sex with Nick?
Mariana: No!

Should we be taking another person from Jude? After Connor, and Jack...he's just lost so much.


I know you are afraid. We're all afraid. But you cannot cry in front of Jesus. It scares him, love. And you have to put on a brave face. We all do.


Robert: Why were you investigating a murder?
Callie: He was my foster brother.
Robert: You should be doing normal things seventeen-year-olds do.
Callie: I'm not normal.

Brandon: Are you and Mariana having sex?
Mat: Dude!
Brandon: I know, it's just. Is there, like a chance that she can be pregnant?

The Fosters Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

This is like cruel and unusual punishment.


Brandon: Mom...will you say something. Please.
Stef: Have you told your father yet?
Brandon: No.