Barry: Oliver, I'm so sorry.
Oliver: It's not your fault, but we do still have your metahuman to take care of. Anything left in the tank?
Barry: Well, if not, there's two of us, right?

Oliver: Barry, are you OK?
Barry: Oh, this is gonna be a special kind of hangover.

None of us can stop, Barry. Fortunately, Felicity knows somebody who can. I think you better call back Oliver Queen. We're gonna need The Arrow's help.


Barry: I finally see it. You're a little jealous of me, aren't you? A guy like you, handsome, rich, he can have any guy he wants... jealousy is probably a new emotion for you so you might be a little slow to get what it is you're feeling.
Oliver: That's your theory?
Barry: Absolutely. See, you can train, lift weights, climb that stupid bar until your heart explodes, but you'll never be as fast as I am. You will never be what I am and that's gotta hurt your rock-hard pride, Ollie.

Caitlin: Since when do we have facial recognition software?
Felicity: Happy Hanakuah.

Harrison: Felicity, I like to surround my team with known quantities. That is because I find the unknown to be toxic. Dangerous. Arrow is unknown.
Felicity: I can assure you, Dr. Wells, that he's not dangerous. To us.

Two things I won't be doing in this life? Playing professional baseball and thanking that lunatic.


Oliver: We can talk about you giving your enemies silly code names later.
Barry: What, you mean like over coffee with Deathstroke and The Huntress?

Oliver: Oh no. Not here. We're here to train.
Barry: What? Like Rocky?

Oliver: You're late. Barry how can you have super speed and still not be on time?
Barry: Sorry. I guess the super tardiness kind of neutralizes it.

Iris: He's on my three list.
Barry: What's a three list?
Iris: My list of three guys I'm allowed to cheat on Eddie with. You usually don't meet people on your list but now here he is and I just cannot stop staring at him.

Felicity: I'm glad I decided not go go bra-less.
Barry: Guys, you remember Felicity.
Cisco: I'll always remember this.

The Flash Quotes

Barry's real superpower isn't speed, it's hope. The kid's got an endless reservoir. Thinks it's all gonna work out!


DeVoe: You beat me!
Barry: No. We beat you.