Singh: Joe West is out of the way as requested. Success is assured.
Eva: Good. If anyone's going to make my husband pay for what he did, it's going to be me.

Lady: How do you two know each other? Are you married?
Ralph and Sue: Gross.

Carver: It even sounds like you're saying I hired someone to pop out of a box to assassinate you.
Joe: I didn't say that Rag Doll popped out of a box.
Carver: Damn. And I was doing so well.

Cisco: I'm not sure you know how hacking works.
Ralph: Please. I've seen You've Got Mail several times.

When I first saw him, all I could see was Eobard Thawne. But when I saw him, when I really saw Harry for who he was, I became his friend. He became mine.


Crisis of infinite Wells.


He's probably out there looking for another body right now, like a red-eyed, pissed off Voldemort.


It was my fault. She only did what I taught her to do. It was my fault.


You think that Nash and I are limited by our emotions. But you're wrong. They give us our strength and we can use them to overcome anything, including you. That's your greatest flaw Thawne. Metas are the ones with limits, not people. Not me. And not Nash.


Thawne: You were an awful father to her.
Barry: I miss my daughter every day. But I'm done letting that give you power over me.

Barry: You want Nash, you're gonna have to go through me.
Thawne: Aren't you a glutton for punishment? Always there to bear witness to the death of someone you're trying to desperately save.

The Flash isn't supposed to have limits, Iris.


The Flash Quotes

Nora: These past few months I have been through a lot. I am not the same person I was.
Weather Witch: Okay. Prove it.

I am going to miss him, Joe.