I had the most brilliant minds in the world study that Mirrorverse. You know what they found? It's incompatible with the human brain. That place warps the mind until the person is no longer recognizable. Your Iris is long gone. I suggest you accept that and move on.


Uh, they're going to the Artic, not Ozz-fest. How are you so bad at everything?


We've all lost so much this year. Our power, our love, our family. At times it's even felt like there's nothing left to lose, like everything that matters has already been taken, and our lives are empty, hollow inside. Some things can't be taken. Look around this room. We still have our faith in each other and our will to fight for those we love. This is what we'll never lose. Eva McCulloch has never faced us head-on. And that's about to change. We're gonna find her, beat her, and get back everyone.


Barry, no matter what worlds try to keep us apart, I will always be with you.


Cisco: What if creating Kamilla's duplicate actually killed the real Kamilla? Same thing with Singh, same thing with Iris. Hello?
Barry: What do you want me to say?
Cisco: Anything! That we have a plan, that we'll get them back.
Barry: I don't have a plan Cisco. Eva can move anywhere, through any mirror in the universe in the blink of an eye. She's faster than I am and somehow I'm supposed to stop her! And still hope to god that Iris and everybody else are still alive in a world that we don't even understand!

You gave me my world back. You'll get your world back too. But you have to do more than just forgive yourself, you have to believe that your world can change. That's the part I'd forgotten. Thanks for reminding me.


Nash: You can find your way out of this. All you have to do is trust yourself.
Barry: How am I supposed to do that? I just lived with an imposter for five weeks.
Nash: You forgive yourself. You showed me that. Now it's time for you to do it for you. And you know what? If you can't, do it for Iris.

You're an equal member of Team Flash, just like Caitlin. And you are just as important.


Barry: Iris, I...I don't know if it's crazy to think that you can hear me. I guess right now I just need to believe it. I miss you. So much.
Iris: I know you probably can't hear me Barry, but Being away from you hurts more and more every day. But I still have hope because I know you are out there fighting to get me back home.
Barry: If you can hear me, I guess I just need you to know that-
Iris: I love you. And that love is constant.
Barry: Across dimensions. Across time. Through the end of the world and back. And if I know you, I know you aren't just fighting to find your way home.
Iris: And I'm gonna find Kamilla. And I'm gonna find Singh. But most of all-
Barry: I'm gonna get you back.
Iris: I'm gonna find my way back to you.

You just stay out of my way, Flash. And I'll stay out of yours. I have unfinished business to attend to. And a whole world to liberate.


You are Barry. I know it in my heart. And I'm willing to bet my life on it. Now go get Iris back.


Run Iris, run!


The Flash Quotes

One mystery I cannot figure out is why some people come into our lives and why some people go. Others become a part of you. Some friendships feel like they'll last forever and others end far too soon. Not every friendship is meant to last forever. What does last forever is the pain when that person is gone.


Greetings, Earthlings.