You fight like a boy.


Speed Force: Barry, you helped me be reborn. And now you're keeping me safe. Of course, I want to help you.
Barry: I keep telling you, I didn't ask for help! Look, you chose me to be the hero. So, let me be the hero.

Barry: Frost's ice crystals are usually hexagonal.
Kramer: It's Killer Frost, Officer Allen. And you seem to know a lot about her powers.
Barry: Yeah, I've worked her crime scenes. And she's never killed anyone.

Holy Baby Grogu.


Frost: Look, I'm not some thug anymore, okay? I've grown.
Cecile: I know that, honey. I do. Look, I'm one of the people that you kidnapped.

Speed Force: Don't worry. If you need me, I'll sense it and I'll be there in a heartbeat.
Barry: Great.

He could stop you in your tracks anytime, anywhere. That's his power. It's like he's the opposite of the Speed Force. He's the Still Force. Which I guess would make Fuerza the Strength Force. And that would make Psych the Sage Force.


Chester: Do you do this kind of thing a lot for him?
Quincy: Everything I do is for him. He's the reason I get out of bed in the morning.
Chester: But don't you ever resent having to work so hard 24/7?
Quincy: I'm the boy's father. And Chester's worth any sacrifice I have to make. Besides, when it comes to him, I don't believe in quitting.
Chester: So you don't care about your work more than your son? You care about your work because of him.
Quincy: I'm just a man trying to do the right thing. Make my son proud.

Speed Force: I never took into account how much his mother's death might still weigh on him. What have I done? I'll change my appearance. Appear in my true form to all of you from now on as lightning because I can't keep hurting him like this.
Iris: You're not causing him pain. You're giving him a gift.
Speed Force: How?
Iris: It's like how his blanket reminds him of his mom. And that memory gives him comfort and peace, it's the same thing with you.
Speed Force: So, I'm not a painful reminder?
Iris: No, not at all. You are a happy one. I may be his lightning rod, but you are his lightning.
Speed Force: Thank you.

Cisco: I think we just time-traveled.
Chester: Really? So, tonight we're gonna party like it's 1998?

Cisco and Chester: Team Chesco's on the case!
Cisco: Let's get it!
Iris: Separated at birth.

Iris: Do you remember what happened?
Speed Force: Only some of it. When I was reborn, I was surrounded by light and love. Then came the pain. I could feel these Forces of Nature were like me, only evil.

The Flash Quotes

Abra: I see you're finally Mecha-Vibe.
Cisco: Mecha-Vibe? I know he did not just name me.

You didn't call, you didn't write, didn't race over...