He's bullied women into silence for too long.


The clock is ticking. I'll get him.


Robyn: This guy's a perfect predator.
Melody: He's been getting away with this a long time.

I get it, you wanna play by the rules. But what's the point if people rig the game?


If you lied about the date, then what else are you lying about?


Double tap to the chest. That's her signature move.


Robyn: I'm done with you guys now.
Nash: This is your fault. You went rogue and we had to step in. You have an outstanding debit that we look forward to collecting.

Dorian: Who are you?
Robyn: I told you, I get people to where they need to be.

Dante: Nice bike.
Robyn: Maybe I'll give you a ride someday.

Robyn: It's up to you to carry on Malcolm's work and you are absolutely ready.
Crystal: I am.

Harry: Did you know an octopus has arms. Not tentacles?
Melody: OK.

Harrington: It doesn't matter what I said. You can't link me to anything. You've got nothing.
Dante: Don't be so sure.

The Equalizer Quotes

Dmitri: Say hello.
Jewel: Let go of me.

Dmitri: Who the hell are you?
Robin: Neighborhood watch.