Frankie, you should have been there! Rudy shoved it so far up their Irish cunts you would have...what? Who died?


You know, I had a college girl once. She was educated, but not intelligent.


Candy: You know, I don't think you have enough money in your wallet for that tonight.
Leonard: Come on, Candy. You get paid more than usual for it. How do you know?
Candy: How do I know?
Leonard: Yeah, how?
Candy: Because nobody actually likes getting fucked in the ass, even as pretend. You don't walk right after. And look at this. Right here I'm fuckin' walkin'. All night I'm fuckin' walking, in heels even!
Leonard: Come on, Candy. None of the girls?
Candy: No. None of the girls. None of the girls want your dick, really truly want your dick up their ass.

Vincent: We open in three hours. If you want, you can be here with us to christen the joint.
Abby: Thanks anyhow.
Vincent: Hey, it will be good for your memoirs.

Rudy: It's a go.
Tommy: I don't know. Seems kinda crazy.
Rudy: The fuck you expect from a guy gets blown by his niece?

This mother fucker pays you to watch movies with him. What movie was it?


Larry: Why'd he pay you double last time?
Darlene: Because we watched a whole movie last time, too, and I told him I'd probably be in trouble then, too, if I didn't show you more for it.

Vincent: Look, Frankie, as fucked up as you are, in every possible way a man can be, you've always been the one. Major league prospects, prettiest women, flashiest cars.
Frankie: What can I say?

You, uh, you ever been to France? [Lori shakes her head no] Yeah, me neither.


Lori: Can I get a match, girl?
Ashley: I'm not your girl, bitch.
Lori: Is that a no?

Vince: You mind if I as you something?
Paul: Sure.
Vince: What's with this place? It's deader than Bobby Kennedy?

Shit. I can act in a real movie with a story and everything.


The Deuce Quotes

Rodney: Oh, I ride that shit out of that mother fucker. Ride that bitch like Man o' War, but I'm talking about those white boys. Bitch got too much ass. Shit.
CC: I didn't even know there was such a thing.

Rodney: Man, every move that man makes, he already got it mapped out. No, he ain't bein' crazy. He ain't being crazy at all. He's actin' like a mother fuckin' fox.
CC: You think?
Rodney: Nixon? I see right where the mother fuckin' man comin' from. Shit makes perfect sense to me.
CC: How do you figure?
Rodney: He president. So we got to front some being the man, right? So on the one hand, he got his people over there in Paris talkin' peace. That's the carrot. Now the stick? He got to make those slopes thinkin' he's crazy to do all kinda shit. Bomb the shit outta Vietnam, take over Cambodia, whatever the fuck.
CC: So you think he fronting?
Rodney: That man wants out of war just like everybody else, but he can't think like that. So he gotta make those mother fuckers think he'll do any goddamned thing they can imagine. Shit. If I was him, I'd be flashing nuclear weapons and shit.
CC: For real?
Rodney: I'm not sayin' I would use that shit, I'm saying I'd be like, do not fuck with President Reggie Love because that nigger's crazy and he will drop that big mother fucker on you.
CC: Right on.
Rodney: I mean it's like this here. I mean, CC, you ever really want to cut a bitch? Sometimes you might want a bitch to think you might, but shit.