Straight jackets fall off me as easy as a prom girl's dress.


So I open the door for you and this is the thanks I get.

The cape is just a tool. It alone won't get you home, only Vince Faraday can do that. Don't ever forget who it is that's wearing the cape.


I am here to provide the justice to others that my husband was denied, and if you have a vertebrae in your spine you'll give me the chance.


Vince: I'm The Cape.
Portman: You're not wearing a cape.
Vince: I'm aware of that.

Orwell: Where's your cape?
Vince: Dry cleaners.

Faradays are fighters. And they all have this chin.


I'm not gonna stop till I take it all back. Everything. You have no idea what I'm capable of.


You're a desperate man. The cape just threw gas on the fire.

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