Scribe: This secret does not hold us.
Berber: Secrets never do.

Milus: May I speak freely, Baroness?
Baroness: Is there any other way you know how to speak, dear Chamberlain?

The greater one fights for the love they deserve, the stronger the bond between them.


I have an awful habit of voicing dreams as if they were truths.

Lady Love

One has to try compromise before combat. Only then can I justify the swing of the sword as a way to peace.

Lady Love

You are aware that giving birth to a pillow neither serves the shire or yourself?


Annora: I appreciate you traveling with Wilkin, kind sceptic. I sense in you a genuine concern for my welfare.
Toran: You sense genuine fear that you'll turn me into a hump troll with one of your wicked potions.

In the months since Eric's death you grow stronger, smarter. Certainly more bold. You have become formidable, Love. A voice that challenges me and every pompous noble that rides through our gates. It would be the devil's best work to have scandal take that away.


Wilkin: My mind spins with every conceivable wrong, and then when I see you, all is quiet.
Lady Love: Not all, Wilkin Brattle.

My name is Wilkin Brattle. I was a knight in Longshanks' army. Ventris was my commander. He sent me and my legion into an ambush of certain death. I was spared by a miracle and fled to your land... only to be roused again, in blood.


[to Wilkin] I don't want to do other things. I want to be just as you are.


Wilkin: I need but a moment in private.
Isabel: And that will happen when pigs learn to dance!

The Bastard Executioner Quotes

God has put him on our path.


Brattle: I am devoted. Your servant.
Angel: You have a destiny to claim.
Brattle: Tell me, heavenly one. Tell me what you'll have me do.
Angel: It is time to lay down the sword, Wilkin Brattle. Your savior needs you to live the life of a different man.