Bind the little French bitch.

Milus [to the guards; of Gaveston]

Wilkin [to Annora]: You are the devil, Annora of the Alders.
Annora: Please! Wilkin, no! My son.

I must confess, Wilkin; I am more myself inside this turn towards blood.


No need to worry, my dear Piers. We are here to rescue you.


I may be half-witted but you're half-hearted! Bernadette doesn't like horses.


Good... now dispatch yourself out the door.

Milus [to the Reeve]

Milus: Perhaps someday they will sing songs of our bravery.
Toran: It will be a short and clumsy tune.
Wilkin: Full of sour notes and harsh rhymes.

Wilkin: How are we to know they hold the Frenchman?
Milus: He's there. I can smell the arrogance.

Only you, Corbett, would use death to buy pain.


Jessamy: He said 'thank you,' maiden.
Isabel: Yes. Yes, he did.

In the months since Eric's death you grow stronger, smarter. Certainly more bold. You have become formidable, Love. A voice that challenges me and every pompous noble that rides through our gates. It would be the devil's best work to have scandal take that away.


You are aware that giving birth to a pillow neither serves the shire or yourself?


The Bastard Executioner Quotes

God has put him on our path.


Brattle: I am devoted. Your servant.
Angel: You have a destiny to claim.
Brattle: Tell me, heavenly one. Tell me what you'll have me do.
Angel: It is time to lay down the sword, Wilkin Brattle. Your savior needs you to live the life of a different man.