If it was just envy, doctor, then why aren't you out there chopping off people's arms?

Jessie [to Kreizler]

Kreizler: I find Commissioner Roosevelt capable of disagreeing with most people on most things.
Sara: You have similar temperments then.

Sara: Why do you actively resist so strongly the possibility of a woman's involvement ...
Kreizler: Because had a woman been dominant in his life at any point, we wouldn't even be here. These crimes would never have happened.

It wasn't what you learned in class, it's how you learned.

Cavanaugh [to Kreizler]

Moore: I don't suppose you got what you wanted from Jesse?
Kreizler: Perhaps the truth -- that I don't know as much as I think I do.

Kreizler: Is the wine not satisfactory?
Sara: It's delicious.
Kreizler: You're not being truthful.
Sara: The truth is I prefer whiskey.
Kreizler [to waiter]: Bring the lady a whiskey.
Sara: Please make it two.

I do hope this letter has been written in jest. Or is it a training exercise?

Mr. McLeod [to Kreizler's team]

Doctor, we're not talking about the gilded upbringing of a handsome but indolent member of the leisure class.

Sara [to Kreizler, about Moore]

{Kreizler] is a bully and I will not be bullied.

Sara [to Moore]

Sara: And what do you know of honest work?
Moore: I know I don't care for it

You're not going to get away with this, Mr. Roosevelt.

Connor [to Roosevelt]

If the need for salvation did not exist, the church would surely find its invention necessary.

Kreizler [to the bishop]

The Alienist Quotes

Marcus: Do you know the difference between capitalism and socialism?
Lucius: No.
Marcus: In capitalism, man exploits man. In socialism, it's the other way around.

I believe we all possess the raw material required to commit horrible acts. We just need the right, or wrong, combination of events to make the raw material combustible.

Kreizler [to Sara]