You bitch! You wanted the Commander of Death. You've got her.

Clarke [screaming]

We can't lose Clarke! We can't lose her.


Places are not evil, brother. People are.


Roan: The great Wanheda. Mountain-slayer.
Clarke: I'm no one.
Roan: Lot of people out there right now looking for no one.

Emori: Don't try to be a hero and I'll leave you on your feet this time.
Murphy: Oh, a hero? And here I thought you got me.

Pike: Can I ask you a question? Last report we got on the Ark, you were attacked by Grounders. What changed?
Bellamy: Turns out we had a common enemy.
Pike: What happened to them?
Bellamy: We won.

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Octavia: It'll get better.
Jasper: When?

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What is it you want to talk about? How dead she still is?


Mount up. We're going back into hell.