But I'm not an Argent, and I'm not Allison.


Marie Jeanne was the first hunter.


Lydia: Why do you care? Why are you suddenly on our side?
Gerard: Because it's my name as well.

Marie Jeanne hunted Sebastien for three years, until she finally cornered him in 1767.


Braeden: You didn't seriously think you were going to have a chance against that thing, did you?
Scott: No, but I got its scent.

The skeptic became a full believer that night.


I don't care about surviving one. I want to know how to kill one.

Marie Jeanne

Who told you that? The internet? If that's your most reliable source of information then you might as well go.


Braeden it's me. I'm at the school, and we need you. Bring your shotgun, bring all your shotguns.


That was no wolf.

Marie Jeanne

They searched from dawn till dusk, hoping to find the Beast where it slept, but they knew that they would most likely only encounter it at nightfall.


Liam: Is it bad?
Stiles: No.
Hayden: Very.

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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

My dreams aren't like yours, Lydia. I'm not the harbinger of death. I'm the cause of it.


She would be known by history as the Maid of Gevaudan.