Luca: Okay the bad news is there is no Jackass of the Month to hand out today, but the good news is there's a Jackass of the Year! This month's infraction was a doozy because one of our own was pictured very prominently in the Sunday papers, on the front page, above the fold. Ladies and Gents, it is my distinct displeasure to present Jackass of the Year to shameless media darling, Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson. Come forward to receive your punishment! Anything you'd like to say?
Hondo: Yeah I got something to say, ya'll are fired! I would not like to thank the photographer who took this picture, and to the newspaper that published it, I curse you. And certainly no thanks to Annie and Deacon, our ungracious hosts.

Hicks: You don't have to do this, you know.
Hondo: The only thing I know is the perfect guy to disarm this kid is sitting on his ass in Northridge because you fired him without giving him the chance to defend himself.
Hicks: What's Buck got to do with this?
Hondo: He's who we need here today, but we don't have him because of you. You could've just suspended him, but no you fired him, because you wanted to do what's good for you, not what's good for this city. Otherwise, we wouldn't be in this position right now.
Hicks: You done? You think I enjoyed watching his career end like that? I begged him to fight it. Buck insisted that I fire him. He had shot an unarmed black kid who looked like he was about to die. Buck knew this city was about to explode. He didn't want to make it harder on the rest of us. It was Buck's call, not mine. -- I know you don't respect me.
Hondo: I never said that.
Hicks: Never had to. But if you ever say that I don't care about this city or the officers that work for me again, you and I are gonna mix it up.

Buck: I see what you're trying to do here, you're trying to make me feel useful.
Hondo: Buck, you got screwed man. No hearing, no review, come on. That's one hundred percent Hicks trying to cover his own ass. I could still use you here.
Buck: I'm not going to responsible for you getting fired too. You got this.

Jessica: Hey, I know Deacon felt passed over when he wasn't made team leader. How's he holding up?
Annie: You don't have to worry about my husband causing a problem.
Jessica: How are you doing?
Annie: Look, I know it's tough being a cop, but sometimes I think it's tougher loving one.

Karen: Jimmy wanted to help me. I need to talk to him.
Hondo: That's not going to happen. Not after I tell him the truth about you.
Karen: Who do you think you are? Black guy, hot shot, sitting there talking to me like this? You mean nothing to him. You really think he's going to trust you over me? I saved that little ass of his. I am here because of him.
Hondo: Wow, lady... you are a piece of work. I wondered how Street could be such a mess, but now that I've met you, I just gotta wonder how he managed to turn out so good.
Karen: I'm sorry. I-I-I I know that you're just trying to help. And your right about all of it. Just please, don't tell him. Look, if you care about him as much as I do, you won't. 'Cause it'll crush him.
Hondo: Don't call him anymore. You mess with him, you mess with me. My family.

Cortez: Why risk your career for [Street]?
Hondo: I've been there, Jess. Not with SWAT, just -- Things can grab ahold of you and make you feel like you can't trust anyone. Until you learn to again.

Hondo: You gotta pick one boat.
Street: One boat?
Hondo: You are a SWAT officer or you are a loose cannon, your choice.

Luca: Look, guys, you know how it goes. I need a place to stay tonight. So cut the suspense, tell me whose car to throw my stuff in.
Chris: Not me, sorry Luca.
Tan: I took him last time. Deac?
Deacon: No way. New baby. End of story.
Street: What's going on?
Chris: Luca got kicked out of his apartment by his girlfriend. That's three in as many years.
Luca: Yeah, rule is someone from the team has to take me in.
Tan: 'Til he gets on his feet.
Street: What is that, like some kind of bro code?
Luca: No, SWAT code. Far more sacred.
Street: Wait, wait, wait. So you break up and the girls get your apartment? You need a new lawyer.

Karen: It's wrong to ask you. I shouldn't have called. I have no place asking you for anything.
Street: You got every place to ask me whatever you want.
Karen: Jimmy, you don't owe me anything.
Street: I owe you everything.
Karen: I chose to stay with your father when things got ugly.
Street: And you did the right thing by taking him out.

Hondo: Do I need to call 911 and tell them there's an intruder in my house?
Jessica: You gave me a key, remember?
Hondo: I gave up on you using it.
Jessica: Following the rules and doing what's right isn't always the same thing.
Hondo: No, it's not.
Jessica: No one can ever find out about us. Especially Hicks.
Hondo: Roger that.

Chris: I see you swiping over there, you on tinder?
Street: No, that's played out. I'm on a few new ones, Bumble, Happn, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel.
Chris: Covering your bases. I'm actually on Bumble.
Street: I know, I saw your profile. You love the Smiths, free weights, and German Shepherds. Oh, and kudos on that selfie by the way. That sports bra -- showed just enough without seeming skanky. You swiping right on me?
Chris: I'm deleting my profile.

Chris: Me and Street in close quarters? You hoping I kill him?
Hondo: I'm hoping you get him to realize this team is a family and right now he's the black sheep.