When you do good without the reward, that's when you find grace.


Forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself.


Chris: I don't get it, how can you not like hip-hop?
Street: Well, it's just people talking, with music in the background. And even I can do that.
Hondo: Okay, Street, that's the whitest thing I've ever heard you say.
Chris: Hondo, what's your go-to music?
Hondo: When I'm working out, it's West Coast funk. I mean, if me and my girl are taking care of business, you gotta let jazz do what it does. When I'm chilling, its always the blues, and anytime's the right time for Otis Redding.

Street: Well, there goes my plans for tonight.
Chris: PG or R rated plans?
Street: I was hoping for NC-17.

Mumford: What the hell did these clowns decide to die for?
Hondo: What were the three gifts the Wise Men brought to Bethlehem?
Plank: Frankiense.
Mumford: Myrrh.
Hondo: And gold.

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Chris: It's just Jilly and me tonight.
Street: Sounds like a date.
Chris: Yeah, it is.
Street: I thought you liked men.
Chris: I love men. And I also love women. Why does a girl have to choose?

Hondo: D never knew when to shut up. Until someone shut him up for good. Just some ignorant-ass dude on the corner with a temper and a gun.
Daryl: Did he get caught?
Hondo: Your pops caught him behind the laundromat before I could, and man I wanted vengeance bad, but Leroy talked me down. He told me that I was meant for something better than the streets, Daryl. Then he went around the corner, took care of business himself. You're daddy went to juvie, but I went to high school.

Hondo: We can still love people despite their mistakes, man. They're still family.
Luca: You're a better person than me.

Luca: I'm done hearing all the stories about how great my grandfather was. You know, he wasn't. I mean I wasn't even speaking to him at the end.
Hondo: Since when?
Luca: I was waiting for an apology. And then the clock stopped. So that's that, you know, he can't apologize, and I can't forgive.
Hondo: What happened, man?
Luca: He didn't want me on your team. He said SWAT leaders look like him and me. Not like you.

I feel like I'm in a petting zoo. All I want to do is bite people.


Street: How about just one date? Although I gotta tell you, in all modesty, I've never had anyone stop at just one, but we could try.
Chris: For real now, come on. You need to ease off a little. I've worked too hard, too long, to risk my rep for pheromones, and I'm not gonna be the cop that every other cop thinks he can sleep with.

Hondo: You know everything I've done since what happened back then, was me trying to be as worthy as you thought I was. You helped make me who I am. But I made you who you are too, and I've been sorry about that ever since.
Leroy: Man, come on, get over yourself! I'd be right here even if we never met. We all got our own paths, this was mine, you just happened to jaywalk across it back then. You hear what I'm saying? This is not your fault.