Jillian: When we first met, maybe I could have given you the benefit of the doubt.
Deacon: Well, after what your daughter saw happen to her boyfriend, I can, I can understand why you didn't. See, I, I forget sometimes that not every police officer that wears that badge holds himself to the high standards that we do here at SWAT. And I don't think I said this, and I should have. I am truly sorry for your loss.

You know, there's something wrong with a grown man who's still playing video games. It shows a lack of maturity.


Deacon: By the way, it's not like I was their only option.
Hondo: Deacon, just try to look at it from Jillian's perspective. Rhodium made a stand about police brutality but not all police, Deac. In her mind, if you got a problem with that, then maybe you're part of the problem.
Deacon: I'm part of the problem? It's not just that. It's this whole defund the police nonsense. It's not exactly the thanks we deserve for going out there and risking our lives everyday. And to her, it might just be something she's chanting, but a thing like that changes the way people look at us. It makes our job harder.
Hondo: And I hear you, and that is one truth. But there's also another truth, man. We got guns on our hips. We got the power to end a life. Look, maybe it doesn't hurt to have some people out there trying to hold us all accountable.
Deacon: Are you trying to calm me down or make me angrier?
Hondo: Deac, you and I both know that sometimes we get asked to take on problems where there is no one right answer. What Rhodium was talking about is maybe some things can be solved without a gun.
Deacon: I don't like the mom implying that I won't go out there and do my job tomorrow. Take a bullet just like anybody else.
Hondo: OK, then you get out there and you prove her wrong, without the taking a bullet part.

I'll be seeing you around, Hondo.


Once you're in, it takes hold of your life, and I was a fool thinking I could keep Tony out of it.


Organized crime. What a thankless beat. Surveillance, informants, auditing, death by paperwork. You never really get a win.


Tan's got fans. Must be nice.


First day of kindergarten, you know what I remember? My mom putting makeup on my chin to cover up my dad's crappy weekend. We can help this boy, Hondo!


Hondo: Deac, you got anything?
Deacon: Yeah, we got something. We got a Chechynian soldier.
Hondo: Get his ass down here.

Driver appears disoriented, possibly concussed. We've also got a totaled van and a bunch of stolen merchandise, disinfectant wipes, latex gloves, hospital masks, and toilet paper. Seriously dude? This virus has people losin' their damned minds.


Darryl: Is something up?
Pop: What are you celebrating? Like '92 was the end of it? It's still goin' on! The same problems. A system that never got fixed. Let me explain somethin' to ya. When I was 17, same age as you, I'm walkin' home from school, band practice; I had my trumpet in my case. And an unmarked car rolls up on me and two grown white men with badges jump out, push me against the wall, throw my horn on the ground. It gets all bent up, and they take out a switchblade, and they laughing and chucklin'. And they took that blade and they put it right across my throat, and they said, 'Get your ass out of here, or we'll kill you, and nobody will care.' I was just walking home. So, you choose to put on a badge, you better know what that means cause there ain't no easy solution when black people bein' treated like they're disposable. And all a police officer needs is reasonable fear to kill you, me, or Hondo if he ain't wearin' that uniform.

Lynch: It's the coronavirus. The mayor's been on the phone with the CDC and the governor. They may have to shut the city down. Shelter at home. Businesses closed down; the whole shebang.
Commander: What's that mean for SWAT?
Lynch: It means the world's about to change.

S.W.A.T. Quotes

Lesson one, Street. Never be in a hurry to die.


What color you supposed to be, brother? Black or blue? You gonna have to pick.

Protester to Hondo