Jonah: Where's Tommy's number?
Cheyenne: Oh, he didn't want to put it on there. He thinks you're a spy for Gateway Subs. Like, you're a nark or something.

Justine: You're buying Carol lunch? So, she gets rewarded for traumatizing Sandra.
Sayid: So, that's how it works? Hey, Sandra. I'm going to slice you open while you sleep. I'll take a smoothie, please.

Amy: Okay Parker, here you go! Don't worry about Rose, you just focus on your game.
Jonah: Come on, Parker! Eat her alive!

Sayid: He still uses a pacifier? So you're not worried about dental problems? Speech delays? Looking lame?
Amy: No! He'll give it up when he's ready.
Jonah: Yeah...yeah. We decided to let him keep it. Even though those are all valid points.
Amy: I thought we were on the same page about this. Are you the one taking his pacifiers?
Jonah: I was gonna give them back when he learned moderation.

Every night we give him a bath. We read him stories. We sing him to sleep in his crib.


He looked like a really good dad.


Amy: Yeah, I think maybe you don't want to post those. Cause of like, optics, right? I mean, it could come off that Zephra employees get paid so little that they rely on charity.
Isabel: Oh! I don't really think anyone's connecting those dots.

Sandra: You have five minutes to tell Amy, or I will.
Jonah: Tell Amy what?
Sandra: How you were flirting with that lady. Turning each other's cranks. I thought you two were gonna do it right here on the belt.
Jonah: Oh, come on! Sandra, I was just being friendly. Customers appreciate a little, you know, human connection.
Sandra: Ugh. Close your legs, Jonah.
Jonah: My legs are fine. And if anything, we should be a little friendlier than usual today to get people to round up for charity.
Sandra: Not if it means betraying the woman you love. Trust me. I'm married now. Don't you dream about someday having what Jerry and I have?
Jonah: Of course! But, well, exactly what you and's fine, Sandra.

Sandra: I feel like Zephra cares.
Jonah: Well, let's not just blindly believe the t-shirts. Although, Zephra is a fine company, which I am not critizing today as was made clear to me in the car. But, guys! Amy set this whole thing up. I mean, she chose the charity. She got local businesses to donate goods.

Okay, I'm confused. Is Zephra good or bad?


It was revenge for acting like I'm the crazy one! I even got Ken to act weird around him, too.


I overreacted to the whole muting thing. I just had a really hard year. My birds flew away. My dad turned out to be a big nothing. I can't even remember the last time I had a boyfriend. Even Sandra got married. Who saw that coming?


Superstore Quotes

It was nice of corporate to wait an entire week before they reminded us we're just as replaceable as Mateo.


Jonah: I think he likes Taylor Swift.
Cheyenne: No, he's back to hating her again.