Sam: Billie is playing us!
Dean: So, what? Her plans not gonna work?
Sam: No, it WILL work.
Dean: OK, great.
Sam: Listen, Jack takes out Chuck and Amara, it will create a power vacuum that Billie will fill. This was all her power grab!
Cass: Wait! Death wants to become God?
Dean: Hey, as long as Chuck dies, I'm good.

Chuck: You hear that?
Amara: What.
Chuck: Dean. Brought to the edge of doubt. His sense of duty. His rage winning out in the end.

Jack: We're almost home.
Dean: Yeah, I need to say something before we head in.
Jack: No, it, it's OK.
Dean: No. Hold up. What I said to Sam? You didn't need to hear that. OK? Not now. Not with the weight that your carrying for us, for this world. Jack, I don't know how to explain it, but when I found out about Chuck, it's like I wasn't alive, not really. You know, like my whole life, I've never been free, like really free. But now, now me and Sam, we got a chance at livin' a life without all this crap on our backs, and that's, that's because of you. So, I, I, I want to say, I need to say thank you, Jack. Thank you.

Adam: That's your choice?
Jack: Yes. And the others. All of them. They're just rocks, but their existence makes them divine because God is in everything.
Adam: Right on. At least he should be.

Amara: You want to evaporate every kernel of existence because the Winchesters won't do what you say.
Chuck: It's not about that. It's about everywhere I look, I'm reminded of my failures. Like why did I go with carbon-based life? Why not silicon? Or atrium? Zeroing out, starting fresh. That's what I need.
Amara: None of this was a failure. Not a tree, not a human.
Chuck: Humans! Aah. Humans are the worst! Lame, disappointing. They ruin everything they touch! And they're just so boring. I'm over them.

Chuck: Hey sis. Did you check out my light show the other night? It's pretty rad, huh?
Amara: You've been ending worlds. And now you've come for this one?
Chuck: Saved the best for last.

Chuck is back. You want to take a knee?


Dean: Well, when the time comes, we can count on you, right/
Amara: Like I told you when we first met, you and I will always help each other.

Amara: How do you intend to cage him? When God caged me, he had four archangels. Do you have four archangels?
Dean: Nope. We got one Jack.

The only way. Our one shot. Our last chance. Do you ever get tired of saying stuff like that?


Caitlin: Hey, that thing. Were you scared?
Dean: Always am.
Caitlin: You HAVE changed. The old you never would have admitted that.
Dean: I'm not sure that's a good thing.
Caitlin: I think so. What do they say about getting older? You tell the truth more because you know that lies, they don't make anything better.

Dean: I'm sorry, Caitlin, but that thing? It's not here.
Caitlin: You've changed. Back then, you believed him, even before I did.

Supernatural Quotes

Sam: Ignoring your trauma doesn't make you healthy.
Dean: Sure it does!

I wasn’t supposed to have favorites, but you, you were mine. I gave you the Mark because I loved you the most. I thought you were strong enough to bear it.