Sam: Hey, Jack. How ya doin'?
Jack: [crying] I, uh. I'm so sorry.
Dean: You're what?
Jack: [crying] Why didn't I get it? I mean, my mother died, too. Why didn't I understand? It was my fault.
Dean: Jack.
Cas: His soul is back.
Jack: [crying] Please. Just, please forgive me.

Cas: He seems to have recovered.
Dean: So, Jack's back.
Cas: Yeah, he is. But, um, something's different. Jack is, uh, he's been to the garden. That's the crossroads of divinity and humanity. No one's been there since the exile till now; till Jack.

DoppelDean: I gotta tell ya, Sammy. This Sam and Dean, sure, they're simple, but they got this place of their own, there's no quarterly reports, there's no investor calls. There's nothin' to do but hug monsters, drink beer, and watch porn.
DoppelSam: Yeah.
DoppelDean: They've got it made.

In order to be in the Occultum, the Occultum must be in you.


Why do they call this place The Empty? It's full. It's full of sorrow and despair playing over and over again of angels and demons dreaming about their regrets. Forever.


Jack: I understand why Sam and Dead were angered by what happened to Mary.
Cas: By what YOU DID to Mary.
Jack: Yes. I see that I've caused them pain, and it's clear that things have changed. Especially with Dean. Will he ever forgive me?
Cas: You know, Dean, he feels things more acutely than any human I've ever known. So it's possible he could work through this. One day, he may explode, let it all out, breathe deeply, and move on.
Jack: How long will that take?
Cas: I don't know.

I used to feel things in my bones. It was glorious and sometimes unbearable, but I felt them. Now, I understand joy or sadness, but I know those things aren't in me.


Dean: God's back, he's pissed, and he wants to murder the world.
Sam: Unless we stop him.
Jo: So, you want me to be on your side. Against God.
Dean: Well, we are better looking.

Cas: The Occultum is divine in origin. It was housed for hundreds of years in an ancient temple before it was...
Dean: Plundered by pirates!
Cas: No.
Dean: It was dug up by tomb raiders!
Cas: No!
Dean: It was seized by the king of the dead and his warlords. Am I close?
Cas: Looted by invading Mongal hordes for trade on the black market.
Dean: Yeah, I was gonna say that next. That was the next one.

Sam: Jack, listen, about Billie's plan. She hasn't been real specific on the details.
Dean: Yeah, when you go up against Chuck, you gonna, what? Bob and weave or do you go straight in for the full smite?

I told you, Dean. You and your brother have work to do. This is your destiny. You are the messengers of God's destruction.


After God made the world, he couldn't stop. He wanted more. But he needed to create a perfect harmony, a Swiss watch so this world could keep tick, tick, ticking in his absence. He had no choice but to build himself into the framework. It's his only weakness.


Supernatural Quotes

Dean: Things like “cosmic consequences” have a habit of biting us in the ass.
Castiel: I know they do. But I don’t regret what I did, even if it costs me my life.

Now I realize that there is no righteous path, it's just people trying to do their best in a world where it is far too easy to do your worst.